Huobi Korea has picked five megatrends that would shape the blockchain and cryptocurrency market this year.

Firstly, it said security token offering (STO) would become popular as a funding vehicle as it gives investors the voting rights like other marketable securities. The STO would make initial coin offering (ICO) less popular, it said.

Huobi also said this year institutional investors would participate in the cryptocurrency trading and blockchain investment. These institutional investors would make the market more stable and broad-based, it said.

Thirdly, blockchain technologies would expand scaling, thus making cryptocurrency trading more quickly than before and lowering trading fees, Huobi’s research team predicted.

Fourthly, more and more companies would use blockchain technologies in doing business. For example, Hanhwa would invest more than $5 million in blockchain technologies this year.

Lastly, more stablecoins would be issued this year. Stablecoins are backed by currencies or commodities. This means that the value of a stablecoin could be pegged to a currency or exchange-traded products.