Pibble has challenged Instagram under the slogan of the blockchain-based monetized image ecosystem. It unveils its App at the Google Playstore and IOS App Store.

Pibble has two distinct features, although it has the same functions as Instgram.

Firstly, it uses blockchain to provide cash-like Points to those posting pictures and images.

Users can transfer their Points to the others as long as they have blockchain wallets. They can convert Points into PIB cryptocurrency and use cyber money in buying goods and services.

A Pibble spokesman said, “The more you post good contents, the more reward you can get.” The social media is a user-oriented platform, he said.

Secondly, Pibble allows photographers to sell their pictures to users. About 70 percent of the revenue will go to the users, while Pibble takes 30 percent.

The company said that Pibble charts a new blockchain-based network, adding that it does not copy Instagram.