[Blockmedia James Jung] The Arowana Foundation and Hancom said “Account data containing the informations like records of GOLDYOU’s coin trading were internally prepared”

On July 25th, Hancom said “As GOLDYOU’s account was classified as an accident account, Bithumb requested a clarification from the foundation”, “It is an internally written document to respond Bithumb’s request”

However, Hancom failed to explain how they get the personal account information like “the use of fee discount coupons, the exact number of Arowana coins sold, trade record of other cryptocurrency, and the name of the Bithumb department which request suspension of account’s withdrawal”, which is hard to know unless the Bithumb insider informs.

The information is only available to the account owner and Bithumb. Hancom failed to explain whether the foundation received the information from GOLDYOU or Bithumb.

GOLDYOU claims that “the account information was transferred to the foundation without notification and confirmation”. Bithumb said, “We shared some of the account information of GOLDYOU with the Arowana foundation, but it was to confirm the account belongs to the foundation.”

It will be controversial how the Aronawa foundation obtained confidential third-party account(GOLDYOU) information and used it for the lawsuits.

Hancom said, “We will answer further questions after checking facts through employees who were working for listings on Bithumb at the time.”

Blockmedia inquired about the more data and circumstances of the case with GOLDYOU, Arowana Foundation, Hancom and Bithumb Exchange.

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