#GOLDYOU suggest suspicions that “How does Arowana get investor’s private information”
#The data includes the owner’s name and coin sales record.
#Bithumb “The account is an accident account”, any answer about the leak suspicions
#Hancom Countermeasures Meeting “Investor information was used to Hancom’s lawsuit preparation”
#GOLDYOU “Bithumb neglected the situation, we consider to sue bithumb about Personal Information Protection Act violation”

[Blockmedia James Jung] GOLDYOU suggest suspicions about the Bithumb that they have violated Personal Information Protection Act violation in the dispute between Hancom over Arowana Coin.

GOLDYOU Group claimed, “Bithumb handed over our account information to the Aronawa foundation and Hancom without notice, and caused losses by tying the account as an ‘accident account’ and preventing transactions.” (Related Article)

GOLDYOU announced that “We are considering a separate lawsuit against Bithumb for the loss”.

Bithumb protested that “We have corrected the account information of GOLDYOU and asked the details to Arowana foundation. It was to confirm whether that account is belong to the foundation”

About the protest, GOLDYOU claimed that “It is not acceptable that the inquiry was made by the Aronawa foundation, without account owner’s confirmation”

#How can the investor’s trading information be in the Aronawa Foundation?
GOLDYOU claimed that “Our Bithumb account information was delivered to HANCOM by Aronawa foundation and used in the litigation process”. Blockmedia contacted Hancom about the source of detailed information but we didn’t receive an answer.

The account information Hancom gets contain “account owner, the amount of deposits, the amount of sales, the amount of withdrawals and coupons used, and the amount of current holdings”

# The data includes detailed information like owner’s name and coin trading trends

[Document containing the Bithumb account information written by Bithumb]

In the document, it particularly records when Bithumb blocked the withdrawal of the accounts, the department which requested withdrawal block, and whether it sold other coins besides Arowana Coin.

These are the information that cannot be known unless they are Bithumb insiders. Such personal account information was leaked to the outside without the approval of the account holder.

# Bithumb claimed “The account was blocked because it seems as accident account”…without the answer about the leak suspicion
Bithumb explained, “The accounts were automatically classified as accident accounts as they received a large amount of Arowana from a specific IP”. However, the problem is How the account information was leaked to Hancom.

The IP of deposit belongs to Hexlant, who manages Arowana’s wallets. GOLDYOU and the Arowana foundation explain to Bithumb it a “normal transmission”. But Bithumb didn’t cancel the account freeze after their explanation.

In the meantime, GOLDYOU and Hancom have been in conflict, and they have been engaged in a series of lawsuits and accusations.

Bithumb explained “The data were made in the process to confirm whether these supplies were from the foundation.”

However, GOLDYOU, the owner of the account, criticized “If there was such a process to use our account information, they should have checked with the account owner but there was no such procedure”.

#GOLDYOU’s Bithumb account information was used for Hancom’s lawsuit
The account information seems to have been shared with the foundation at the lawsuit preparation meeting of Hancom.

An official who attended the meeting testified, “Arowana foundation and Hancom were preparing a lawsuit against GOLDYOU, and Hancom Chairman Sang-chul Kim was also at the meeting.”

It will be controversial that Bithumb records private account’s detailed information and shares with external foundations without account owner’s confirmation. It is also suspicious that the account’s wallet data was used for Hancom and Arowana in litigation.

# GOLDYOU “Bithumb pretends onlooker and make situation worse”…”Considering lawsuit about violating Personal Information Protection”

GOLDYOU said, “If Bithumb keeps ignoring investors and pretends to be an onlooker, we will consider a lawsuit against Bithumb for violating the Personal Information Protection Act.”

Blockmedia asked the parties in the dispute ‘GOLDYOU, Arowana Foundation, Hancom and Bithumb’ to answer the related suspicions and data.

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