(Source: LG CNS)

LG CNS participates in the development of digital identification card’ based on the blockchain DID(Decentralized Identity).

On September 1, LG CNS announced that it will participate as a steering member of the DID global organization “Trust Over IP Foundation” (hereinafter referred to as ToIP).

ToIP was established in May 2020 to establish international technical standards and policies of the global identity authentication system. It aims to establish a digital identity authentication system. Currently, more than 110 global companies and organizations are participating, and it is the world’s largest consultative body in the field of DID technology standards.

ToIP’s Steering Committee includes 19 global companies and public institutions, including IBM, Mastercard, British Columbia, Accenture, and Everym, to set DID standards. LG CNS became the only domestic company to participate in ToIP’s steering committee.

Lee Jun Won, in charge of LG CNS solution business development, said, “Participation in the ToIP Steering Committee proves that LG CNS has risen to the global level in the blockchain field. “We will create a blockchain-based DID solution and service model that can be used globally in cooperation with global companies participating in ToIP.”

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