[James Jung] GOLDYOU, which is in the lawsuit against Arowana Foundation and HANCOM, said they are going to file a criminal complaint against Bithumb for personal information leakage and arbitrary account block.

On July 27th, GOLDYOU said in an official statement “We will sue Bithumb to the investigative agency to clarify how investor trading information leaked from Bithumb.”

GOLDYOU(CEO Park Chi-young) plans to file a lawsuit against Bithumb Korea(CEO Lee Jae-won) for infringing the rights for personal property by classifying GOLDYOU accounts as accident accounts. GOLDYOU claimed they missed the opportunity to sell Arowana coins because of Bithumb.

The words below are what GOLDYOU claimed.

At first, Bithumb said that the leaked personal account data were made in the process of inquiring to see if these were the Arowana and Hancom’s supplies

But Bithumb changed their words, “We made the data to ask the Arowana foundation to explain the accident account, but we don’t know the route of the leakage and we are not sure that data came from Bithumb”

GOLDYOU said, “Bithumb does not clearly reveal how personal account information that is not known unless it is an insider was leaked to the Arowana Foundation”, “The leakage of personal account information is a criminal act, and Bithumb need to reveal how and why personal account transaction information leaked”

GOLDYOU and the Arowana Foundation/Hancom are engaged in a civil and criminal lawsuit about the Arowana token trading of each party. In the lawsuit process, it is found that GOLDYOU’s account information which seems to have been written by Bithumb was flowed to Arowana and used for the lawsuit.

Blockmedia asked Bithumb and Hancom about the GOLDYOU’s private account data, but they have yet to give a clear answer. As GOLDYOU decided to file a criminal complaint against Bithumb for information leakage, the Arowana lawsuit spreaded to Bithumb. The whole story will be revealed after investigation about customer account information leakage.

Blockmedia continued to ask Bithumb, Arowana, Hancom, and GOLDYOU to explain the process of Arowana Coin listing and its subsequent situation. Blockmedia will release follow-up articles after confirming the facts as soon as we receive comments from the parties.

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