[James Jung] After the listing of Hancom Arowana Coin(ARW) was postponed once, there was testimony that the final listing date was discussed with Jeon Joon-sung, head of Bithumb.

Anonymous interviewee(“A”) who was once the representative of Hancom(who consulted ARW listing in Bithumb) said “The listing date of Arowana Coin was originally April.15th.2021, but the listing was postponed two days before listing” in an interview with Blockmedia on July.27th.2022.

A said, “The day after the notification (April 14th), we had a discussion with Bithumb to report Hancom Chairman Kim Sang-chul exact listing date” A contacted Bithumb about ARW listing, “I don’t know the cell phone number of the Jeon Joon-sung, so I contacted Han Sung-hee who was COO of Bithumb at the time(resignated for now) to get his contact”

A contacted Jeon Joon-sung and got confirmation that listing will be done on April 20. As Jeon Joon-sung said, the ARW listing was completed on April 20.

The words below are A’s testimony.

Bithumb doesn’t even tell us who is in charge of the listing. Of course, the group wanted to do a listing as soon as possible, but the schedule which Bithumb suggested was ridiculously impossible(listing on April 15th).

(On April 13, Hancom suddenly received a notice of postponement of listing by Bithumb. On April 14, Hancom Chairman Kim Sang-chul held a meeting to receive related reports.)

At that time, I didn’t know the direct contact of Jeon Joon-sung, the head of the listing department. When the chairman Kim asked me about the date of listing, I asked a vice president Han (A called executive director Han Sung-hee as vice president) for the contact of head Jeon to get the listing information”

It is unusual that Jeon, who oversees Bithumb’s token listing, directly discussed the date of listing with A with a phone call.

As A said, listing-related work is mainly conducted by email according to Bithumb’s bylaws, and the personal information of employees like phonenumber managed not to be exposed outside.

There are other suspicious activities after the Bithumb listed ARW.

The day before the listing, there was an “accident” in which the name of the A was deleted from the ARW white paper. At that time, Hancom suggested that it would be better to remove A’s name from the white paper. It is unusual to revise the white paper just before listing.

A said, “How can we change the whitepaper without going crazy right before(a day before) the listing,”, “Hancom notified Jeon about the revision and got confirmation about it, but Jeon reported that the Hancom foundation did it on its own.”

Jeon was also involved in account freezing of GOLDYOU, an ARW investor.

A worked for ARW until the day before listing, “Jeon Joon-sung asked me about the number of investors, so i replied that its one company”, “Bithumb may have understood that there is only one account wallet.”

In fact, there were 6 GOLDYOU accounts which had ARW coins. A’s reply became an important excuse for the accounts to be frozen as accident accounts right after listing.

The problem is that even though these accounts were explained as proper investors’ accounts, Bithumb did not modify account status. A’s explanation is as below.

“There was a warning from Bithumb before it was tied to the accident account. (Q. Why is the account tied up so long?) I don’t think there is something I can answer. There may be some procedures in Bithumb. That’s why GOLDYOU and Hancom had a dispute”

A declined to say how the GOLDYOU’s account information flowed to Hancom.

A said, “I understand that this is at the heart of the content in which the two sides are in dispute. I think answer will come out as the prosecution investigates it”, “I responded to the interview to say that You can talk to the Bithumb head Jeon if necessary (in the process of writing an article)”

Blockmedia asked Jeon Joon-sung to confirm the fact about the issue several times, but he did not answer until the time of writing the article. We continued to ask the ARWFoundation, Hancom, Bithumb and GOLDYOU to answer the controversy surrounding the listing of ARW.

Anonymous interviewee “A”, who interviewed Blockmedia, worked as an ARW listing consultant, but currently does not belong to anywhere including Hancom, Foundation, Bithumb and GOLDYOU.

Blockmedia judged that there was no incentive for A to gain something by distorting the controversy and related facts or lying.

A did not want to be involved in the dispute. Blockmedia did not reveal his real name, considering that A does not belong to a company. In the case of managing director Han, who left Bithumb, revealed a name because he is a key person who connected A and Bithumb head Jeon.

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