[Block Media] Recently, in the game market, ‘Play to Earn’ games, which you can earn money while playing games, are gaining popularity. A representative blockchain game, Axie Infinity, is drawing attention from large domestic and foreign game companies and block-chain investors. Because the game itself is not only easy to enjoy, but also has the advantage of generating continuous profits, the game that improves various functions and convenience in the ‘Axie Infinite’ game is expected to become a game-changer of the blockchain game market in the future.

Monoverse, a game development studio that has secured a specialized game development organization and blockchain technology, is planning to introduce a new blockchain game ‘Frutti Dino’. Frutti Dino is a blockchain game that maximizes the advantages of the ‘Play to Earn’ game based on a high-quality character that combines fruit and dinosaur characters. For this, Monoverse has been planning for several months and plans to present a new standard for the blockchain-based game industry through a transparent token distribution system and governance structure design unique to blockchain.

Blockchain-based games need to be underpinned by transparency, fairness, and security through decentralized game management. This is all the more reason that a solution that does not adversely impact the gaming experience is required. In addition, by supporting diverse transaction types of NFTs – vital for ‘Play to Earn’ games in particular – and guaranteeing increased flexibility through it, we also intend to establish a compensation framework appropriate for the time and costs invested by the game users.

In the meantime, Monoverse has partnered with several companies to either borrow a PoS-based sidechain, which is Ethereum’s expansion solution, or build its mainnet to solve low fees, processing speed that can handle transactions required for game operation, and operational efficiency.

Frutti Dino Game plans to enter the global game market as well as the domestic market through Monoverse’s own Game De-Fi solution and high-quality games.

Frutti Dino carries out marketing sequentially, starting with FDT (Frutti Dino Token) marketing, a governance token. On October 1, the Whitelist application of Frutti Dino will begin, and from mid-October, Frutti Dino’s NFT and governance token marketing will begin in full swing. In addition, it plans to issue and sell airdrop promotions and game characters as NFTs along with the opening of the Dino Breeding site this year.

CEO Jae Hyun Lee of Monoverse revealed, “We fully intend to onboard Play to Earn games into the mainstream gaming industry, propose aspects that can be resolved through blockchain technologies, and enhance user convenience, in showcasing a blockchain game with comprehensiveness not realized up to this point,” and added, “Monoverse also plans to make tangible contributions towards establishing a healthy gaming ecosystem through wide-ranging partnerships.”

‘Frutti Dino’(www.fruttidino.com), a game optimized for blockchain-based games, is scheduled to be launched in the first half of 2022. Monoverse intends to expand users’ access to games by gradually launching games that are more complete than the existing ‘Play to Earn’ games through various games such as racing games, multi-mode games that reflect the raid system, and battle royale. In addition, it plans to increase service convenience by expanding partnerships with various NFT marketplaces.