[Blockmedia] XBRIK team has announced a strategic partnership with Elysia, a decentralized token project, to build the NFT fragment exchange.

XBRIK and Elysia had agreed on the partnership at Korea Blockchain Week 2022(KBW2022) and decided to cooperate on building and operating XBRIK, the blockchain-based NFT fragment Exchange.

According to an XBRIK official, the NFT fragment Exchange is a user-oriented decentralized asset-backed security exchange. Any valuable assets that individuals and corporations own can be collateralized and issued into securities in the XBRIK exchange. XBRIK will provide an exchange platform service that allows users to trade quote transactions. Proof of ownership will be an NFT, and bricks issued through the securitized value of the ownership will be exchanged.
Any assets can be traded in XBRIK, including arts with PFP, game NFTs, real estate assets, stocks of businesses, including token projects.

“The current blockchain market has been suffering from NFT market contractions, and XBRIK could solve the problem by supplying liquidity into the market.” said Elysia team, the first team in Asia to incorporate DAO corporation in Wyoming, the United States of America, and operating a service called “ELYSIA Protocol” that connects real assets and digital assets. – XBRIK Team

The team added, “The digital asset market and NFT market can only allow users to buy, sell and trade. XBRIK can securitize assets in current markets and issue leverage through derived securities but also lets users trade through quote transactions. We have a strong belief that this can solve the problem of the current blockchain market by supplying liquidity”.
The team added, “We believe that our experiences in DAO operation and our experts in the blockchain field could make sure XBRIK service settles in and contributes to the market.”.

NBRIK Partners will provide a blockchain service solution to the XBRIK project with ELYSIA. Hakbum Kim, the co-founder of NBRIK Partners, said, “There is a process for issuance of Bricks, storing the NFTs of underlying assets, IBO launchpad, quote exchange, liquidation of underlying assets. XBRIK will modularize the process to ensure Bricks, blockchain-based securitized securities, are traded safely. The modularized process will operate smart contracts. The service, XBRIK, with transparency, operation stability, and efficiency will be launched in 2022.”

Once the Brick trade, blockchain-based securitized security, is vitalized, various economic advantages are expected. Owners of NFTs or underlying assets can profit from the issuance of leverage bricks and expect increased market value. People looking for new investment opportunities can profit from trading, or if they want to achieve liquidation income, they may hold the Brick until maturity.

Meanwhile, creators of NFTs or projects can achieve additional royalty income, fundraising, and the blockchain market become more accessible for them. Additionally, communities’ market and analysis centered on Brick will appear, and XBRIK will allow value forecasts of NFTs and underlying assets.

“XBRIK will be launched on a global scale, and it is a new type of blockchain-based business model that could boost various fields. There had already been many game companies, real estate businesses, entertainment platforms, and crypto projects contacting us for partnership,” said an XBRIK official. – XBRIK Team

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