[Blockmedia] The public blockchain project Protocon announced that it has forged a strategic partnership with the Vietnam-based layer 1 project BHO Network.

The partnership was rolled out to enable Protocon and BHO Network to successfully expand their global blockchain ecosystems and shape a global project alliance. The two partners vowed to cooperate with each other, leveraging their mutual networks, to make sure that Asia-based layer 1 projects will draw attention in the global market and facilitate the expansion of their ecosystem.

BHO Network is built on BHO Chain (BHC-20) — a high-speed blockchain platform with low transaction fees. The infrastructure of BHO Network can be cross-chained with other popular networks such as BNB Chain (BSC), Ethereum or Polkadot. BHO Network’s mission is to assist any business that considers blockchain as a solution to further optimize performance from existing operations.

Protocon is a Web 3.0-based layer 1 public blockchain platform developed with a view to fostering a protocol-based economic system. It is now being noted by industry watchers for its “Contract Model” recently released as an alternative to smart contracts and “Fact Hash” that can allow for secure connections with other blockchains.

The promotion and marketing departments of the two partners will seek to actively collaborate to successfully expand their global presence. On and offline events including mainnet-related trade exhibitions and meet-up events will be proactively organized in Korea and Vietnam where the two projects are based.

Mr. Thomas Nguyen, Global Business Development Director of BHO Network said, “Blockchain is growing more intensely in the Asia-Pacific region than any other part of the world,” and added, “BHO Network and Protocon share very similar long-term visions. We will sustain a mutually beneficial relationship conducive to our shared vision and expand the global blockchain ecosystem together with the layer 1 alliance to be rolled out for the first time.”

CMO Jake Lee at Protocon commented, “We are so pleased to have BHO Network as our first global partner and expect the partnership to mark a significant step in bringing blockchain technology into our daily lives,” and added, “Our global layer 1 alliance will continue to expand as we identify and invite other projects in the Asia-Pacific region for shared growth.”

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