On October 29, Deputy Mayor of Economy Park Seong-hoon said “I will cooperate and contribute as much as possible so that Busan can become leader of the 4th industrial era representing the world” at the ‘BPASS’ launching event, which was held on and offline through ZOOM

BPASS is a mobile application that provides various services to enhance lives of the citizens in Busan city. It provides 4 main blockchain based projects (▲smart marine logistics platform service, ▲smart tour platform service, ▲public safety video reporting service, and ▲digital ledger-based regional activation service) that Busan Blockchain Special Zone focused since last year.

The smart marine logistics platform records and manages the distribution and history of seafood from producers to consumers through blockchain technology. Consumers can check the real time location of seafood and the temperature during the transportation with the QR code.

The smart tour platform provides consumers with various discounted travel packages (tourist destinations, hotels, restaurants, and etc.). Consumers can easily see various options through the platform and purchase them all in one. Haeundae citizens may receive additional benefits by issuing a Busan citizenship card.

The public safety video reporting service is a system in which citizens in Busan can receive compensation if they take a video of criminal scene and report it through platform for tokens as a reward. Tokens received can be traded through the exchange and purchase for payments in related retails in Busan.

The digital ledger-based local payment service issues digital vouchers and links them with electronic wallet. Users do not need to carry wallet and cash; they can now make payments with mobile phone.

Ha Tae-gyun, team leader of the Blockchain Regulatory Free Zone Promotion Group, said, “BPASS will enhance Busan citizens convenience in everyday life. The more people use BPASS, the more benefits there will be.”

Currently, with BPASS users can visit Busan City Hall, Busan City public parking lot, and library at free or discounted prices. It can also be used as a electronic pass for entering companies, buildings, and houses. The four blockchain-based platform projects mentioned above will also be included in BPASS.

Translated by Young Hwang