Yesterday the Ministry of Science and ICT announced the launch of ‘2020 Global Innovative Talent Training Project’ in which the department supports domestic master’s and doctoral students in the fields of blockchain and other ICT fields.

As part of the ‘4th Industrial Revolution Innovative Talent Intensive Training Program (2019~23),’ three government departments (MSIT, Ministry of Industry, and Ministry of Health and Welfare) are collaborating in this project to support up to 2,250 students (450 per year). The project started last year; this year, the department have simplified the project to three types of Independent College Education: collaborative project, internship and consignment education. Additionally, the department is planning a “Global Enterprise Internship Program” in order to strengthen industry-academia cooperation with leading global technology companies.

For the ‘independent’ project for the universities, the domestic colleges are cooperating with overseas institutions and companies in order to promote the research capability of the students and establish a global research network. Selected students will be able to participate in 6-months long co-research and internships from institutions and organizations. This year, we have 28 projects and 106 students who will be studying in Stanford University, Purdue University, Swiss Zurich ETH, NASA, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and more.

The Global Enterprise Link Program allows researchers of global institutions and organizations to select their own students to conduct their joint research. Selected students will be sent to 8 different fields (such as machine learning, big data) of global institutions for 6 months period. This year, 12 graduate students from 3 different universities were chosen to be sent to Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) for a collaborative project research.

This year’s students will start their programs in upcoming June; depending on the COVID-19 situation in the designated countries, the students are planned to be sent at an appropriate time during the second half of the year.