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Korbit gets security certificate from the government

2018년 12월 17일 | English News, 마켓

Korea’s first cryptocurrency exchange Korbit said it received the Internet Security Management System (ISMS) certificate. The Korea Internet Security Agency has awarded the certificate this week. The South Korean government…

KB, Ajou University join hands for big data and AI analysis

2018년 12월 17일 | English News, 마켓

Kookmin Bank and Ajou University have signed an agreement for cooperation in the field of big data and artificial intelligence. KB Bank President Hur In and Ajou University President Park…

Incheon racing for blockchain special zone

2018년 12월 17일 | English News

Incheon became the fourth city joining the race to become the special blockchain business zone. The race has now become a four-way competition among Jeju, Seoul, Busan, and Incheon. Once…

Samsung denies cryptocurrency wallet on Galaxy S 10 device

2018년 12월 15일 | English News, 마켓

Samsung denied the report that it might be attaching a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet on its Galaxy S 10 device, to be released next February. According to foreign news, including…

Blockchain technologies adopted for promoting financial security

2018년 12월 14일 | English News, 마켓, 블록체인

The Financial Security Institute Thursday adopted eight blockchain technologies for standardizing financial transactions. The institute expects the standardization to upgrade convenience and financial security. Most eye-catching is the fact that…

Regulator shuns talks with cryptocurrency exchanges

2018년 12월 14일 | English News, 마켓, 정책

The Financial Supervisory Commission —South Korea’s top financial policy regulator — has not shown any sign of scrapping its blacklisting of cryptocurrency exchanges. So far the commission has no official…

Shinhan Bank denies Korbit’s announcement on opening real-name accounts

2018년 12월 14일 | English News, 마켓

The Shinhan Bank Thursday denied that it has allowed the Korbit cryptocurrency exchange to open real-name accounts with investors.

Kakao insider alleged to have sold Klaytn coins to domestic investors

2018년 12월 14일 | English News, ICO

A Kakao insider was alleged to have sold Klaytn cryptocurrencies to domestic investors in violation of the company rule and the South Korean ban on initial coin offerings.

Cryptocurrency scams become national issue as broadcasters start coverage

2018년 12월 12일 | English News, 마켓

Major broadcasting companies, including KBS and SBS, are receiving tips from investors who lost money for investment in initial coin offerings or trading with cryptocurrency exchanges.

Allbit Star exchange faces criminal lawsuit for payment delay

2018년 12월 12일 | English News, 거래소

The Allbit Star cryptocurrency exchange has announced Monday that it is sorting out a few malicious investors who damaged the exchange.
The announcement angered investors who could not take out their investment from the exchange or have to wait for long days to withdraw their investment

AI to create 7.3 million jobs in South Korea by 2030: Report

2018년 12월 11일 | English News, 정책

Artificial intelligence will revolutionize the job market, creating more jobs and upgrading the economy. However, South Korea should take a proactive deregulation ahead of the AI era, according to the blue-ribbon presidential panel.

South Korean banks adopting blockchain-linked financial services

2018년 12월 11일 | English News, 블록체인

South Korean banks such as Shinhan and Hana are introducing blockchain-based financial services.

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