South Korea’s popular mobile payment app Toss will join the KEB Hana Bank’s global blockchain-based payment platform Global Loyalty Network (GLN).

Vivari Republica, the operator of Toss, is South Korea’s successful startup a dentist set up.

From now on, Toss will be hooked up with the Hana Bank’s global payment network, which retains partnerships with 58 companies in 14 countries. Through the network, payment, money transfer, and cash withdrawal from the partner automated teller machines are possible.

Money conversion becomes more convenient, thanks to the automatic exchange rate calculation methods embedded in Hana’s blockchain payment platform.

Hana started the service in April in Taiwan and in May in Thailand. The bank said about three million people, mostly Asians, are using its global payment network.

The bank will expand the service to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia this year.