South Korea lags behind the United States, China, Japan, and Germany in preparation for the emerging industries in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A Korea Economic Research Institute report showed that Korea supports least and regulates heaviest among the five countries on the nine emerging technologies.

The nine industries include biomedical, Internet of Things, aerospace, 3D printing, drone, blockchain, new recyclable energy, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

China ranked first in the state support for the industries and regulated the least.

When Korea’s Fourth Industrial Revolution support gets 100, the score is 123 for China, 118 for the United States, 110 for Germany and 110 for Japan.

With Korea’s regulation setting at 100, the score was 96 for Japan, 90 for the United States, 90 for Germany and 80 for China, the institute reported.

Korea is the toughest in regulating and supports least on blockchain and drone