South Korea is the third most active country in cryptocurrency trading worldwide.

The cryptocurrency trading analyzing agency, The Block, surveyed the 48 global websites on cryptocurrency worldwide from November to last April and found that the five countries—the United States, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and India—accounted for more than half of global virtual currency trading.

The United States ranked first, accounting for 24.5 percent of the total trading, followed by Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and India. South Korea captured 6.5 percent and placed third after Japan, which represented 10

At least one Singaporean visited 1.31 times in cryptocurrency sites per month, becoming the country most active in the cyber money trading.

About 730 Singaporeans visited the cryptocurrency sites during the six months. South Korea ranked second in the investors to cryptocurrency website visits.

People from Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands were also active in the cryptocurrency trading. Lybia and Algeria were African countries actively engaged in the trading, according to the report.