Samsung Electronics will install more blockchain technologies on its smartphones.

Samsung said its installation of blockchain features on its Galaxy Note S10 series is the first step toward stimulating the blockchain ecosystem.

It will add blockchain functions to more of its smartphones in the future. The broader use of blockchain would help consumers enjoy new experiences, it said.


Samsung said Galaxy S10 has Blockchain Keystore where users can store private keys for blockchain services.

The Keystore enables users to enjoy a higher degree of security and convenience, Samsung said.

Galaxy 10 uses its Knox security protection technology, thus allowing the users to settle bills and transfer funds in cryptocurrencies without separate hard wallets.

Samsung said its blockchain service would be available in more countries beyond Korea, the United States, and Canada.

It said blockchain developers could use its Galaxy smartphones as conduits for advancing to the global market.

It said Samsung’s move would help blockchain startups develop technologies and help consumers enjoy new blockchain-based services.

Samsung said it would cooperate with telecom operators to create blockchain-based identification cards and regional gift cards.


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