Ehtereum-based digital tokenization startup Engin announced Thursday that it had become an official partner for Samsung Electronics. It is installed in Samsung Galaxy S10 model.

Engin’s coin price has more than doubled ahead of the news. Engin appeared in Samsung Galaxy S10’s cryptocurrency wallet KeyStore last month in the Mobile World Congress 2019.

Engin also said it would launch a software development kit (SDK) for helping 40 game developers use Engine’s platform. It would pick 40 out of 1,020 online game developers. The 40 would get Engin’s technologies

Engin said more than 4.5 million developers use its Unity, which is the world’s most popular game development engine. It also said 28 billion games installed on three billion devices are Unity-based.

It said more than half of the mobile and Nintendo-platform games also use its Unity.