The main opposition Liberty Korea Party (LKP) Thursday it would use the emerging blockchain technology in running the party. It hopes to regain public trust by utilizing basic tenets of blockchain—transparency, decentralization, and no forgery.
It would introduce a blockchain platform for recording, token-based compensation e-voting, and petition-gathering.
Firstly, the party would record minutes of all conferences and open the record to all members for information sharing.
Secondly, the platform would keep the legislative activities of its lawmakers, and allow its members to evaluate the performance of its lawmakers. Party members would get token by the contribution they make to the party.
Thirdly, the party would use the platform in holding e-voting for all-party elections. It said the e-voting is possible because blockchain prevents no forgery and hacking.
Lastly, the party would accept petitions through the platform to pool proposals and complaints both from the party members and the people. It would use the combined appeals in setting policies.
The party said it would form a task force to implement the project. Lawmaker and floor leader of the party Na Kyung-won said the party would become more transparent and get more public trust once we pursue decentralization through the blockchain platform.
She added that the party would pursue a ‘blockchain democracy,’ intending to pursue democracy by blockchain’s two fundamental tenets—decentralization and transparency.
The party’s action would give a refreshing sensation to the voters, who have shunned the party for its corruption, close-knit operation, top-down operation.
However, the party did not mention whether it would take proactive legislation to foster blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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