When you receive calls or online messages from cryptocurrency vendors, be careful. These days, many vendors are selling bogus cryptocurrencies on promises that investors would get a huge return.

For example, vendors are reportedly selling Klaytn coins Kakao used only for internal testing. However, many people have bought the Kakao coins out of the belief that they would gain big return when South Korea’s largest social messenger service firm commercializes blockchain-based services next year. However, Klaytn is not a coin Kakao issued. The coin is worthless.

Some investors bought SS Coin, allegedly issued by the Samsung group. However, Samsung has not issued any cryptocurrency.

Vendors typically approach innocent investors and told them to buy these bogus coins. Investors were told not to spread the story because the sale is limited only to a selected few.

A ringleader of the bogus coin project hires many intermediaries, who sold the coins and receive attractive fees.


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