Blocko is a commercial blockchain startup. It provides multinational organizations with the tools to design, deploy, and manage digital services on a secure distributed network. It boasts of enterprise-IT integration and cloud deployment know-how. The company is noted for providing a stable and secure blockchain operating system and an easy-to-use development platform with stable APIs.

Blocko has established blockchain-based services with many South Korean companies, including the Korea Exchange, Credit Suisse, Hyundai Motors and Lotte Card. It attracted more than 15 billion won in investment.

The Block Media interviewed with Kim Jong-hwan, advisor to the Blocko.

Question: What’s your career before joining Blocko?

Answer: I started my blockchain career in 2014. After graduating from a university, I ran the BTC Korea, the cryptocurrency exchange. I sold the exchange to Xcoin. To devote myself to technology development rather than marketing, I founded Blocko.

Q: Blocko has partnerships with Samsung SDS, Samsung Card and other big enterprises. Can you explain what Blocko is doing?

A: We have blockchain platforms which people can easily and cheaply use for opening business.

Q: Is it possible for an individual to raise funds through initial coin offering?

A: I created the Gatchu service. Through Gatchu, any talented people can issue token, raise money and create a one-person company as long as he or she has marketable content.

Q: Can you tell me Blocko’s relations with Aergo?

A: Block is the company and Aergo is the foundation. If you want buy an end-product, you can choose Blocko. If you want a custom-tailored platform, you can pick Aergo.

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Q: You are a member of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Committee under the Moon Jae-in administration. What’s your view on the government’s policy on the blockchain?

A: The government has no choice but to be sensitive to public opinion. If people believe blockchain will be favorable to the country, the government will adopt a pro-blockchain policy. If the public opinion is negative, the government may hesitate. I believe the time has come for the government to make clear its stance on blockchain business.

Q: Your advice to investors?

A: I believe wise investors will pool their money in futuristic and valuable technology developers on a long-term basis.