Richard Biggs, CEO of Cube Intelligence, is creating a data marketplace for the driverless cars. The data marketplace will be driven by blockchain technology.

Four technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and driverless cars are ushering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Cube Intelligence CEO Richard Biggs is now fusing blockchain with driverless cars.

Here are questions and answers between the Block Media and Richard Biggs.

Question: Would you introduce yourself?
Answer: I was born in South Korea and studies at the Korean primary school. After graduating from elementary school in South Korea, I moved to the United Kingdom, and I have been engaged in financial business. Now I am doing a blockchain business.

Q: Can you outline what Cube Intelligence is doing?
A: We are devoted to realizing future mobility solution. We install the solution on blockchain and distribute data through smart contracts. Driverless cars are run by data.

Q: Do you have any partnership with Korea big companies for autonomous driving projects?

A: Not yet. All of them are individually pushing for developing solutions by using artificial intelligence. I will make public when our projects are completed.

Q: What does the blockchain do for autonomous driving?
A: We can use blockchain for three areas—security, data privacy, and transaction—in autonomous cars. Riders can check the blockchain to verify whether driving data telecom companies provide are safe and free from hacking. Data privacy could be guaranteed when blockchain is used in running driverless cars. Sharing fees of autonomous vehicles could be done through the blockchain platform. Blockchain would decentralize the way driverless cars are used.


Q: Like AIRBNB, are you planning to launch the Cube Car project (car sharing)?

A: Yes, Cube Car is a car sharing project on the blockchain platform. When cars are blockchains got married, car security, payment of fees and other core works could be realized.