On October 6, Ground X, a blockchain based subsidiary of of Kakao, announced that it has released an App-to-App API (Application Programming Interface) that can link services with ‘Klip’, a digital asset wallet.

Thorough this App-to-App API, digital assets, signatures, and NFT(Non Fungible Token) cards can be easily transferred between the service and Klip. Users can easily manage digital assets with just Klip without having to run multiple apps at the same time. Service developers can create their own platform services within Klip without developing a separate wallet.

The App-to-App API is linked with Ground X’s own ‘Key Management System (KMS). KMS, which stores security keys in encrypted form, does not require users to directly manage security keys. Therefore, there is no fear of leakage of security keys due to mistakes or hacking. KMS is designed in a way that even Ground X cannot access it.

Jaesun Han, CEO of Ground X, said, “companies that are already operating blockchain based service will be able to maximize the use cases through Klip. Those that are preparing to launch blockchain based services can use the App-to-App API to provide the unique functions.” He added, “we will continue to release various features to maximize the usability of Klip like ‘Klip Partners’, an NFT digital asset issuance tool, and the App-to-App API that we are launching this time.”

Translated by Young Hwang