Coinone(CEO Myunghoon Cha), cryptocurrency exchange based in South Korea, will strengthen DeFi service. On October 12, Coinone announced that it will add two stablecoins, Tether(USDT) and USD Coin(USDC), which are highly utilized in the DeFi service sector.

Conone plans to serve as a stepping stone to experience DeFi finance by expanding simple purchase services. There will be ‘Digital Asset Easy Purchase Service’ providing USDT, USDC, and DAI, in KRW trading pair.

USDT, USDC, and DAI are stablecoins that has low volatility by setting the price of digital assets to be linked to 1USD as collateral with the legal currency of the US dollar.

Myunghoon Cha said, “Coinone dreams to become leading company that provides new finance system through digital assets. After introducing various digital asset staking services since October 2018, we upgraded them to ‘Coinone Plus’ and opened ‘Digital Asset Easy Purchase Service’ starting with DAI this year. I will do my best to make the future finance come true.”

Translated by Young Hwang