Most of blockchain projects have their own community. However, because anyone can access the community, rude comments or ill-natured advertisements are constantly preventing the users from experiencing a clean community and the managers are having a difficulty as well. What if we could automatically take care of the community? Wouldn’t it allow for a cleaner, more useful community? Blockmedia met with the CEO of HYSOOP COMPANY, Mr. Kim, who is providing a management services for telegram community owned by blockchain companies.

– Please introduce yourself. 

I’m JaeWon Kim, the owner of HYSOOP COMPANY. My company provides a messenger-based community management SAS service called AQOOM. A lot of blockchain projects use Telegram to manage their community and AQOOM aims to help them manage it better.

– How does it manage the community? 

On average, there’s 13,000 people per Telegram room. Since there’s so many random, unspecified people in one chat room, the community suffers from malicious comments or images and advertisements. Moreover, it was analyzed that even during the chatting, about 87% of the messages had nothing to do with the main topic of the chat. Of course this would be a pain for the community managers to properly take care of the room.

So, what AQOOM does is that it automatically takes care of some of the tasks that managers might not be able to do. Mainly, it detects a patterns of hostile content automatically and gets rid of them. Moreover, it keeps track record of the users within the chat room so that the managers may use the collected data for their management as well as marketing purposes.

– We heard the service focuses on blockchain companies; is there a reason for that?

Originally, AQOOM started as a review platform for Dapp, a decentralized application. When it started in 2018, since the platform itself was relevant to blockchain technology, naturally I got to know a lot of people in the industry and learned that many of them were suffering from managing Telegram community properly. So I decided to build a simple prototype and did the test run which gained a good response from the industry. Since then, as most of blockchain companies use Telegram, I’ve been focusing on them as customers.

– At the moment, the product only works on Telegram. Do you plan on expanding it to other platforms like KakaoTalk?

We get that request quite often when we do customer interviews. Right now it only works with Telegram, but we do plan to expand our service to other various messaging platforms such as KakaoTalk or WeChat.

– If you do expand the service, what other features would be available?
The ultimate goal is to screen all types of virtual and online communities and be able to filter all unnecessary information and bad messages and images automatically. Right now we are focused on providing the service to Telegram, but we want to develop a technology that can be applied to other messangers.

– How’s the user review?

Based on what the people say after using the service, before they spent about 4 hours a day managing the community. After they started using AQOOM, many of them shortened the time to 3hours, or even to an hour. As we move forward, we expect the service can not only cut down the time spent on the task but also reduce the cost of the management.

– How were you introduced to blockchain?

I worked with blockchain and dealt with cryptocurrency-related tasks in the previous job. As I studied more about blockchain, the era of new industries stemming from blockchain technology excited me. So I started doing some programming myself and naturally I got into it.

– Where did you see the true value of blockchain for the future?

I have a high expectations for cryptocurrency. I expected cryptocurrency combined with fintech technology would bring a huge changes to the society in both online and offline. When I visited the States, I heard some traditional stock investors are increasingly investing in cryptocurrencies. As cryptocurrency gets recognized as a legitimate form of asset, people are investing in it to counterbalance the risk of traditional means of investments. I expect its importance will greatly increase in the future.

– What’s the goal of the year?

I want to have at least 1,000 customers by the end of the year, which will also help with increasing the revenue. Since we are focused on providing the services to blockchain companies, I constantly think about what else can help them. One of the ideas is to develop a platform within the messanger where people can freely exchange cryptocurrencies, and I’m thinking of trying it out.

– Anything else to add?

Recently, a lot of blockchain companies are closing their doors due to so many regulations and negative views. Blockchain can be a good chance. I wish the government would recognize its potential and fully support the industry in regards to flexible regulations and aid with development. I hope the public’s negative opinion would change too.

It’s unfortunate that the market is suffering from a downturn and the companies are going down. I wish there could be a lot more blockchain projects that can contribute to our country’s industry. And lastly, if any company representatives want to try out our product, don’t hesitate to contact us. A lot of people are going through a hard time due to COVID-19 right now – I hope everyone take care of themselves.