Public Procurement Service Administration (Commissioner MooKyung Jeong) announced that they held a digital procurement innovation forum with the field experts to discuss the topic of building the next generation Nara Market on the 21st.

The forum was first formed in last November, in order to develop the innovative procurement strategies according to the Digital Transformation. The forum was again held on 21st to further discuss the blockchain-based next-generation market construction project which is in full swing, and also to respond to recent changes regarding the impact of COVID-19 on digital procurement strategies.

In the recent forum with experts in each field participating, the topics included ▲the direction of next generation Nara Market project, ▲new ways to utilize frontier technologies such as AI, Big Data, and blockchain. The talks were mainly focused on ▲redesign of user-oriented technologies, ▲introduction of new digital technology, ▲integration of self-procurement system, ▲cloud-based resource allocation, and ▲blockchain-based electronic document forgery prevention. Lots of opinions were shared in regards to the post-COVID-19 situation where the technology needs to respond to the non-faceted and digitalized society, caused by the recent changes in the economic and social structure.

The forum is expected to continue until 2023 when the next generation Nara Market construction is completed. Smaller conferences are also planned in order to constantly discuss and improve important technological issues.

The administration commissioner Mr. Jeong stated that “in the light of COVID-19 outbreak, we plan to reconstruct Nara Market so that the overall procurement process is completely digitalized and work can be done remotely whenever needed to,” and that “we will do our best to make the market project becomes another successful digital new-deal-project so that it becomes a global standard such as K-Digital Procurement.”